January 18, 2018 Marco Di Stefano

#2 Walk through composition for #spitfireaudio #startscoringmoviesnow competition

Hi All,
This is the second video of my Virtual Orchestration series.
Scope of this video is to show in details what I have done in my composition for the #startscoringmovies now competition of #spitfireaudio.
Libraries used in this composition:
– Spitfire Symphonic Strings
– Spitfire Symphonic Woodwinds
– Spitfire Symphonic Brass
– Spitfire Albion III
– Spitfire Albion IV
– Spitfire Strings EVO
– London Contemporary Orchestra
– Bernard Herman Composer Toolkit
– Hans Zimmer Percussion

Please share and leave your comments if you want me to go in details on some specific subject

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