March 8, 2018 Marco Di Stefano

#5 Rescoring an existing trailer: The Maze Runner

In this episode of the virtual orchestration series I show you my approach for rescoring a trailer or more in general an existing video.

You can find the final result in this page

There are mainly three phases:
1 – Adjust tempo track to fit with the video
2 – Analyse the video and divide it into parts, identify the link between these parts
3 – Start to compose music for each part

Of course you don’t need to create two minutes of original music, rather use one or two ideas to develop.
Also reusing some material in different parts that are very similar is an efficient tool.
I do it in this trailer when I am using the same Strings sequence for the beginning and the end, with just a slighlty change on the tempo and time signature.

Hope you will find this video interesting, let me know what you think leaving your comment!

Libraries used:
– London Contemporary Orchestra Strings
– Bernard Herrman composer toolkit
– Albion III, IV, V
– Spitfire Symphonic Brass
– Spitfire Masse
– Hans Zimmer Percussion

PS unfortunately there are some click on the audio, mainly at the beginning, I think due to some background process that was using my CPU at that moment.

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