When I started to compose this song, I had in mind a story about space travelling, and when it was almost finished I remembered the story of Atlantis. It was the 21 July 2011, few days before the birth of my son, I was watching on TV the landing of this incredible space shuttle, which has served for more than two decades, travelling around the earth. Suddenly I realised it was a perfect match for my composition. In the video you can hear the original voice recording of the last landing of Atlantis by NASA engineers. Truly inspiring.

Nose Gear Touchdown. Having Fired The Imagination Of A Generation, A Ship Like No Other, Its Place In History Secured, The Shuttle Pulls Into Port For The Last Time. Its Voyage, At An End.

Hope you will enjoy.

ISRC BE-5GW-17-90000

Released on November 2017, music composed by Marco Di Stefano copyright © 2017 Stockmedia for the video provided by 6@public domain/POND 5 and NASA Public Domain archive

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