FLOW is an Integrated Composition Environment that helps you to focus on composing your music. FLOW takes care of connecting your software and offers functionalities that will speed up your composition workflow.

FLOW is not just an orchestral template, it is the basic frame that allows you to easily build every template you need.

FLOW is specifically programmed for composers that create orchestral music with VST instruments, is modular and is programmed to deliver the most performant results also in machine with limited resources.

In the last three months of 2018 FLOW has been tested on several setups, single machines and rigs, Windows and IOS. Not every setup is the same, sometimes the installation is super easy, sometimes it requires a bit of efforts before everything is running.

FLOW is a modular solution, it means you can choose which libraries you want to have and you can extend it fit exactly with your composition needs. With FLOW yuo will get ready to use:

  • One Cubase Pro file version 9.5 or 10
  • One Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 template based on Kontakt 5 or Kontakt 6
  • One Lemur project
  • Generic Remotes to connect Lemur and Cubase
  • Logical Presets for Cubase
  • User Manual for the installation

Buying FLOW

When you buy FLOW you need to buy

  • one licence
  • a number of libraries integration equivalent to the libraries you want to be ready-to-use in FLOW (see the table in the product page to know which size)
  • eventually a support to help you with the installation of FLOW

Please read the terms of agreements about using FLOW.

If you think you have a very special setup, or if you just want to get in contact with me before buying FLOW you can use the form below

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