Marco Di Stefano – Bio

Marco Di Stefano

I started creating music back in the 90s using a primitive midi software. Music and Information Technology have, since then, sculptured my life.
Today my time is split between being an IT freelancer and a composer.
I started early to play guitar and piano; soon I began to compose my music and focus more on composition and orchestration techniques.
Since then I had the pleasure to study for a decade with three respectful composers: Giovanni D’Aquila (Palermo), Adriano Guarnieri (Bologna) and Luc Brewaeys (Bruxelles). Together we explored both the classical and contemporary composing approaches.
My personal composing style can be described as a mix of both paradigms with a continuous reminiscence of my early classical influences from composers like Chopin and Debussy.
I use music as a story telling tool. Most of my compositions have been inspired by introspective reflections, stories or pictures.
My top three inspiring composers are Ennio Morricone, Goffredo Petrassi and Igor Stravinsky.
If you have questions regarding the licensing of my music visit this FAQ page

Discover my new album

A collection of dreamy, storytelling orchestral composition inspired by a series of photos by artist Vincenzo Vitale. Discover the album here.