Portraits. A collection of dreamy, storytelling orchestral composition inspired by a series of photos by artist Vincenzo Vitale.

Explore the tracks and discover the story behind each of them.

Why Portraits?

Vincenzo and I are friends since a long time. We graduated together in Computer Science at the university of Palermo and later we started together our professional journey in the IT world.

Beginning of the year I discovered his passion through his website www.vincenzovitale.me. Impressed by the level of details and emotions of his portraits I decided to write some music to tell the stories that I had imagined for some of them.

So we started this journey and, composition after composition it has brought to the idea of creating this album.

Each composition has an inspiring story which you can read on the individual portfolio pages; these stories are truly imaginary and not based on real facts linked to the photographed person.

It was a beautiful and learning experience, there is no doubt that we might collaborate to create a second album, the portfolio of Vincenzo is still full of stories that are just waiting to be told…

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About Vincenzo

I’m a Sicilian photographer now living in Amsterdam.

I resort to photography for expression, memory and emotions. I always had problems remembering details from my past and images are helping me to get hold of moments I want to keep forever.

I never plan a shot, two analogue cameras – named Nikoletta and Olimpietta – are my solid companions inside a rusty backpack, and I like observing what is happening around me, changing shades or unnoticed details.

Every landscape is emotion and every stranger face has always a story behind to tell, if we only learn how to listen. As Henri Cartier-Bresson once said, you just have to live and life will give you pictures.


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