Flooded Memories

Closing my eyes, my ears in the water I have the feeling that you are still here.

I can see you and hear your voice.

I remember very clearly one day when we went fishing on the boat. It was a warm day, sun was lazily going down and I had the impression that we were alone in the sea, and maybe in the universe. The village was far away but I could still hear the noise of the bells. Seagulls were all around us, catching small fishes and yelling at us. I was sit close to you and you smiled at me making me feel unique and important.

I wish I could live that moment again with you dad.

I really wish you were here today, with me.

Music composed by Marco Di Stefano
Photo by Vincenzo Vitale www.vincenzovitale.me

A collection of dreamy, storytelling orchestral composition inspired by a series of photos by artist Vincenzo Vitale. Discover the album here.

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