#3 Orchestral Template Cubase, Lemur, Vienna Ensemble Pro, Spitfire Audio

Today I am publishing the third video of my Virtual Orchestration series, this time let’s discuss about an hot topic for composers: the orchestral template.

Some says it is important to have, others not. I strongly believe it is an incredible time saver. It took me days to setup but now it lets me focus solely on the composition when I need to work on a cue. Read more

Spitfire Audio Contest – Albion ONE 10th Anniversary

My last composition is a trailer for a contest from Spitfire Audio. I decided to apply because I love their products and was a great opportunity to make some experience in scoring for movies.

You can listen to the composition at this page http://marcodistefano.art/index.php/portfolio-item/spitfire-audio-albion-one-trailer/

Hope you will like it!



First track in Audio Jungle

This month I got my first track uploaded in the audio jungle music library, this is the link to my page https://audiojungle.net/user/marcodistefano-art.

It might not sound a big thing, but for me it has meant a lot. It represents the first step of doing what I have been dreaming for years and patiently planned during 2017.

I will keep this journal updated with my activities on audio libraries. For the moment my music is only in audio jungle but I decided I will publish it in others, and will try to keep track of any occurring sale and share it with you.

Hoping this can inspire someone else.

Welcome to my theatre!

I started to dream of being a professional composer (one that composes music for profession) when I was 16 years old. Finally, after a long road made of musical studies, hundred of compositions and a long career in IT world, I decided to kick it off seriously. My compositions will be showcased in this web site, and most of them will be available with a royalty free license through envato market, here my personal page on audiojungle. If you are reading this post because you might want to buy a licence, or simply because you like listening to my music, then you should signup to my newsletter, I will occasionally use it to inform about new releases, no spamming guaranteed.  Thanks and let’s keep in touch!