September 16, 2018 Marco Di Stefano

My next album will be the soundtrack of a book

You might wonder why I have not released any new composition in the last months, well the reason is simple: after a 5 weeks break this summer I started to work on my next album and I decided to not publish any song before its official release.

The idea of this album came after reading the book “L’estate del ’78” from writer Roberto Alajmo: translate the emotions of the book into music, creating a soundtrack for the book. The book can be found here, unfortunately available only in Italian, I hope they will make an English version soon.

For the instruments to use I initially though about a small ensemble, but finally decided to go for a piano solo because it reflects much better the intimacy and introspective atmosphere of the book.

So I had the honor to know and talk with Roberto about this project, and I am glad that he is fully supportive in the development of this idea.

So far I have 3 songs written, I plan to finish the remaining before end of the year, I hope to publish the album in January 2019.

But do not worry, I will keep on posting tutorial videos and spend some time on quick compositions like this one

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