L’estate del ’78

L’ultima volta di ogni cosa

In a scorching summer of 1978, a boy sees his mother for the last time. It’s a farewell, but he doesn’t know it. On this lost embrace, Roberto Alajmo has built “L’estate del ’78” (Sellerio). One step after the other: Marco Di Stefano climbs them and on the novel he has created a musical work divided into ten chapters, a fluid tale that immerses itself in words. Each note, melody or track is a musical reflection, a concave mirror of stories and characters. “L’estate del ’78”, ten tracks that “tell” the novel and let themselves be told affectionately to each other.


Composer: Marco Di Stefano

Pianist: Dario Carnovale (track n.9 is performed by Marco Di Stefano)

Mix and masterDamien Silvert Studios

Artwork: BeatArt

A special thanks to Roberto Alajmo and Sellerio Editore.

℗ © Blue Spiral Records s.r.l.s


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